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Iboga ceremonies

Iboga ceremonies

we have 3 kinds of

Iboga ceremonies

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Do you want to stay a bit longer?

Our ceremonies take place on fixed days. That is why it is not possible to arrive earlier or stay longer on our Iboga-Farm the nights that belongs to you booked ceremony.

When you want to enjoy more of the area, it is possible to book a stay at our neighboring cottages and Wellness Centre De Vrije Vlinders. The owners, Tanja & Fokko, are good friends of ours.

If you want to use the B & B, you must yourself contact timely with De Vrije Vlinders, to discuss the availability and capabilities. To reserve your stay in the cottages, please contact via the website www.vrijevlinders.nl and discuss your wishes with Tanja and Fokko.

We (Iboga-Farm) are not responsible or liable for the agreements made between you and the B & B. The night that belongs to the chosen ceremony takes place at the Iboga-Farm.

With great love of the team of the Iboga-Farm


Below you will find various payment options:

Payments via Bank transfer



NL41INGB0006969508 Attn IBewust Wordings Centrum Zeeland


Please note when paying your name, ceremony and date of the ceremony  PayPal
For booking and information please contact with info@iboga-farm.nl  You will receive a prompt reply from us