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Iboga ceremonies

Iboga ceremonies

we have 3 kinds of

Iboga ceremonies

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Ceremonies Iboga-Farm

You're here, in your pure consciousness. Time, space, energy and matter have all been created in you.

This re-identification as pure consciousness is the deepest and most fundamental rebirth.

A good preparation for the bufo alvarius ceremony is of great importance. Prepare your mind and body for the ritual of the ceremony.

A stable mind makes for a better and deeper experience, a properly nourished and rested body is essential.

Bufo Alvarius Ceremony More info

Iboga stands for spiritual growth - for daily energy and inner peace. It is increasingly common that the pressure under which we as people live sometimes is a bit too much. Iboga helps to decrease the pressure.

Iboga relaxes the muscles and nervous system, so your mind will get the chance to experience, whether or not to process the past and make new choices.

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Kambo is primarily used against various ailments and diseases such as, inter alia, (allergies, stomach / intestinal problems, headaches, hypertension, diabetes). It purifies the blood, kills harmful parasites and bacteria and cleanses the liver.

It is also a booster / boost the immune system.

The effect of Kambo is very powerful and intense and deeply cleanses the body.

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By discovering your consciousness you can seen things as they are.

You see the true inner-workings of the mind and you will be amazed at the depth that lies hidden in your consciousness.

With this new knowledge and insights you can think a lot clearer.

Psilohuasca Ceremony More info

At Iboga-Farm, it is also possible to have a retreat weekend. A weekend retreat is a combination of various ceremonies, such as:

Retreat weekendMore info

Ayahuasca brings a gradual but ever increasing awareness mutation.

Ayahuasca is an inner and personal deep cleansing process.

We, the team, be very aware of it and will do everything to give you the settings you need at that moment.

We will give you several times Ayahuasca. You can drink several times Ayahuasca so that the amount is tailored to your personal needs.

Ayahuasca Ceremony More info

What can we as Iboga-Farm do for you?

Breaking Patterns

Smoking is a good example. Iboga can help you realize that the release of such addiction can easily be done by their own willpower.

Stress & depression

It is increasingly common that the pressure under which we as humans are sometimes become too much. Iboga can help you to deal with it

Boost & incentive

Using Kambo positive results can be achieved in addressing various issues such as; allergies, stomach symptoms, headache, hypertension, diabetes etc

Spiritual growth

Transform. Loosen up and come into a higher consciousness. Find inner peace. Nature, body and mind


It is not surprising that there is now much sought alternatives. The earth provides us with all the tools and ingredients. Iboga has a strong powerful force


Iboga restores the balance. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Iboga can assist perfectly with the above aspects

Personal development

A (mostly) loving way to know yourself with Iboga. It helps to give you insight into your life

Stop smoking

Every person is different. But Iboga worldwide provides good results when it comes to quitting smoking. Iboga-Farm offers you a 3 day treatment (often successful).

Addicted to marijuana?

Not only for the average smoker Iboga can help, for the blowers can Iboga be a good way to leave this addiction

Are you living in fear?

Iboga can help excellent for anxiety. It can help to overcome this and then you can live in harmony.


At Iboga Farm can no ceremonies take place for:






Because it is important to have clear yourself why you want to participate in a ceremony Iboga, it is advisable to pre-think carefully about your intentions. Because Iboga works broadly, there is often a lot more out of it than one primary reason for participation. By this we mean that a decision to participate is very personal and it certainly does not have to be only one reason to work on. It is a fact that when you think about your intentions, you will be more aware of deeper "problems".

Here are some tips for obtaining multiple intentions:


It is important to have clarity about your expectations for participating in the Iboga ceremony. This is to get your ceremony with Iboga as much as possible.


A few days before the ceremony with Iboga participates is not advisable to eat fatty or fried fish. Make sure you have enough fruit and vegetables to take and lots of vitamins. Brown bread with seeds, pips and fiber is recommended. If you want to be sure you have the right amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber gets in, we encourage you to take fast shake.

Clothing / Board

Provide comfortable, good fitting clothes to put on during the ceremony. It's nice to do something in white, but is not mandatory. Take slippers or shoes, and do not forget your care items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Nutrition tip

A few days before you attend the ceremony, it is advisable to take healthy nutrition with enough vitamins, minerals and fibers. We have the right shake for what this is.

FastShake offers all this and more. With FastShake, you are sure that you have a completely balanced meal. FastShake is a meal substitute that contains all essential fiber, protein, carbohydrates and fats.

For more information, visit fastshake.eu and surprise you by the different flavors.

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