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Iboga ceremonies

Iboga ceremonies

we have 3 kinds of

Iboga ceremonies

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Welcome at Iboga-Farm

We will let us guided by Iboga, Bufo Alvarius, Psilohuasca, Ayahuasca and Kambo. We do this by means of peace and meditation so that we find deep within ourselves our true self. So that we find back the primordial power which is in us.

We are located in the beautiful spacious polders located in Zeeland (the Netherlands). As set and setting is very important in our field, we have chosen our ceremony space with care.

Tabernanthe Iboga is a native plant from the rainforest of Gabon and part of Congo (West Central Africa). Iboga is there for generations used by local tribes and the Bwiti religion.

Iboga-Farm more energy and inner peace Who are we

What can we as Iboga-Farm do for you?

Breaking Patterns

Smoking is a good example. Iboga can help you realize that the release of such addiction can easily be done by their own willpower.

Stress & depression

It is increasingly common that the pressure under which we as humans are sometimes become too much. Iboga can help you to deal with it

Boost & incentive

Using Kambo positive results can be achieved in addressing various issues such as; allergies, stomach symptoms, headache, hypertension, diabetes etc

Spiritual growth

Transform. Loosen up and come into a higher consciousness. Find inner peace. Nature, body and mind


It is not surprising that there is now much sought alternatives. The earth provides us with all the tools and ingredients. Iboga has a strong powerful force


Iboga restores the balance. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Iboga can assist perfectly with the above aspects

Personal development

A (mostly) loving way to know yourself with Iboga. It helps to give you insight into your life

Stop smoking

Every person is different. But Iboga worldwide provides good results when it comes to quitting smoking. Iboga-Farm offers you a 3 day treatment (often successful).

Addicted to marijuana?

Not only for the average smoker Iboga can help, for the blowers can Iboga be a good way to leave this addiction

Are you living in fear?

Iboga can help excellent for anxiety. It can help to overcome this and then you can live in harmony.

Mike & Sander