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Iboga ceremonies

Iboga ceremonies

Welcome to Iboga-Farm

Freely in the countryside, away from the busy city, Iboga Farm is ideally suited to do this by breaking many habbits of the hurried life.

When we give Iboga Farm ceremonies for anyone who wants to increase the understanding of themselves, will release limiting beliefs, annoying habits such as addictions will end and refind your safety feelings.

We do this among using:

In the present time in which we live, there is hardly any space to reflect on what is really important in life. It is also becoming more common that the pressure under which we are as people, feels as too much. It is good to enjoy all that life has to offer, either do not forget your self-understanding.

Finding and maintaining inner peace is essential to "keep life in your hand." We arrange this goals with our ceremonies.

Iboga-Farm was founded in 2015 and is new in the Netherlands. Iboga-Farm is located in Zeeland (the Netherlands), near the village of IJzendijke.


Iboga Farm stands for spiritual growth ceremonie BUFO ALVARIUS RETREAT weekend iboga-farm-the-netherlands-ceremonie-iboga 3 VARIANTEN ceremonies IBOGA AYAHUASCA ceremonie

Once you after the ceremony, you are aware of the fact that your true 'I' your awareness is pure, you are reborn in the deepest sense of the word.

Drink no alcohol to 5 days before the ceremony, do not take medicine to antidepressants to your business and no sex.

These substances can cause side effects that could significantly intensify the experience. Take a liter of purified water with you.

At the ceremony, we, the team of Iboga-farm, will be with you. Throughout your journey, we are also present to guide you. At the beginning of your journey there may be psychedelic effects occur.

You are eternal, like the sun. You're here, in your pure consciousness.

Time, space, energy and matter have all been created in you. This re-identification as pure consciousness is the deepest and most fundamental rebirth.

A good preparation for the bufo alvarius ceremony is of great importance. Prepare your mind and body for the ritual of the ceremony.

A stable mind is better and gives a deeper experience, a properly nourished and rested body is essential.

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Tabernanthe iboga is a plant from the rain forests of Gabon and part of Congo (West Central Africa). Iboga is there for generations used by local tribes and the Bwiti religion. Iboga in Africa also declared National Heritage.

Iboga relaxes the muscles and nervous system, so your mind will get the chance to experience, whether or not to process the past and make new choices.

Dreams are important and necessary for the processing of daily business. When working with Iboga you "wake up in your dream." Iboga 'reset' the mind. The plant name literally means "break open the head".

At the ceremonies, we work with various types of Iboga, namely Tabernanthe Iboga, Root Bark, TA Extraction (total alkaloid) and pure ibogaine Tabernanthe (Iboga HCL). We also work very successful with Kambo, whether or not in combination with a Iboga ceremony.

We work at Iboga Farm with top quality Tabernanthe Iboga, which is grows sustainably by local tribes. We work with several extractions of Tabernanthe Iboga. This is because each extraction has its own specific characteristics.

The Tabernanthe Iboga is a powerful and healing plant found in the rainforests of Gabon and Congo where this plant for generations long used for its healing effect on body and mind. Iboga is a native plant that lets you get rid of your fears, depression or addiction.

But also for people with ADHD, chronic fatigue, stress, emotional trauma, mental blocks and finding inner peace Iboga has proven its healing effect. Of this African plant root used for ceremonies. Extractions also be extracted from this root that we work with at Iboga Farm. Tabernanthe Iboga is very widely deployed.

Iboga is working on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to redress the balance. Iboga relaxes the muscles and nervous system, so that the spirit gets the opportunity to experience, whether or not to process the past and make new choices.

Iboga stands for spiritual growth - for daily energy and inner peace. It is increasingly common that the pressure under which we as people are sometimes a bit too much in our time. Iboga can help to cope with this pressure.

Did you know that Iboga has achieved worldwide even many good results in quitting smoking? We offer a ceremony on Iboga Farm with very high success rate, obtained from the willpower of our guests.

We work at Iboga Farm also very successful with Kambo. We offer Kambo Kambo rite or ritual combined with Iboga ceremony.

We offer also:

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Iboga root bark is used mainly in nicotine and alcohol addictions, find inner peace and a bright and higher consciousness, grounding body and mind and stress, depression, and to break destructive thoughts.

Iboga TA Extraction (total Alkaloid) is mainly used in the heavier addictions among others, cocaine, amphetamines etc. This extraction is also for spiritual use. And for those with a weak stomach this TA extract is also highly recommended.

Iboga pure extraction is primarily used for opiate addictions. The reason is that there is little of it should be taken. Because it is pure, it is absorbed directly into the system and ensures an optimal effect.

PSILOHUASCA ceremonie Psilohuasca Psilohuasca More info More info KAMBO ceremonie

Kambo / phyllomedusa bicolor

A waxy gel named Kambo, which originates from the Kambo frog that lives in the amazone, with antibacterial and natural healing properties, has been used by native tribes for a longer time. Currently, Kambo wins popularity in the west as well, as increasingly more western people start using it.

The use of Kambo

Kambo is being used to fight various ailments and diseases (think for example of allergies, stomache discomforts, headaches, high blood pressure and diabetes). Besides, it also filters blood, kills harmful parasites and cleanses the lever.

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Depending on your personal intentions Ayahuasca will give you the insight that all this time for you was hidden. Profound solutions will come along with her wisdom that previously proved impossible.

A deep rest can be experienced. A cosmetic acceptance of the normally so chaotic complexity of the reality perceived by us will be seen and accepted as love.

Of Ayahuasca is still a lot to learn whether it's your first time or 10th time, you will learn something new every time again about you. Your place in the cosmos which will continue to develop personal growth, inner strength and love.

What can we as Iboga-Farm do for you?

Breaking Patterns

Smoking is a good example. Iboga can help you realize that the release of such addiction can easily be done by their own willpower.

Stress & depression

It is increasingly common that the pressure under which we as humans are sometimes become too much. Iboga can help you to deal with it

Boost & incentive

Using Kambo positive results can be achieved in addressing various issues such as; allergies, stomach symptoms, headache, hypertension, diabetes etc

Spiritual growth

Transform. Loosen up and come into a higher consciousness. Find inner peace. Nature, body and mind


It is not surprising that there is now much sought alternatives. The earth provides us with all the tools and ingredients. Iboga has a strong powerful force


Iboga restores the balance. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Iboga can assist perfectly with the above aspects

Personal development

A (mostly) loving way to know yourself with Iboga. It helps to give you insight into your life

Stop smoking

Every person is different. But Iboga worldwide provides good results when it comes to quitting smoking. Iboga-Farm offers you a 3 day treatment (often successful).

Addicted to marijuana?

Not only for the average smoker Iboga can help, for the blowers can Iboga be a good way to leave this addiction

Are you living in fear?

Iboga can help excellent for anxiety. It can help to overcome this and then you can live in harmony.

The Cubensis [Magic Mushroom] combined with the seeds of the harmala [plant], together make the base of the psilohuasca. The harmala seeds act as MAO inhibitor. The psilohuasca will be given to you during the ceremony.

The (Mushroom) ceremony is in small groups under the guidance of professional experts. Therefore we guarantee a unique and personal experience.

Given that the 'set & setting' is very important, we offer you this in a safe and quiet area. In this environment, you are fully equipped and where you can relax fully so that you can enjoy an optimal experience of the drug.  

By discovering your consciousness you can see things as they are, without the ego can distort. You can see the true inner-workings of the mind and you will be amazed at the depth that lies hidden in your consciousness.

It is a glimpse in your psychical layout. You are unique and complex. With these new insights you rediscover the real you and therefore your full potential.

What do we want during the ceremony?

It is important that you are completely at ease and relax as the (Magic Mushroom) ceremony is starting. We are specialized in bringing you into such a state that you are prepared.

You get 5 grams of dried mushrooms (cubensis - Mushrooms) in combination with a MAO offered inhabiliter (Harmela seeds).

At Iboga-Farm, it is also possible to take part in a retreat weekend. A weekend retreat is a combination of various ceremonies, such as:

At a retreat weekend it is also possible to follow a single session.

Because the composite ceremonies that fit together in a retreat, we also offer in this  weekend's the mentioned separate ceremonies.

So you can gladly return home after every experience with Ayahuasca, mother of inspiration, love and power.

It is important that you feel completely at ease before and during the Ayahuasca ceremony. By Ayahuasca is the set and setting very important to be able to go into your experience.

Ayahuasca brings a gradual but ever increasing awareness mutation. Ayahuasca will take you to yourselve without barricades.

Kambo the natural detox for a optimal  immune system


At Iboga Farm can no ceremonies take place for:

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