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Iboga ceremonies

Iboga ceremonies

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Iboga ceremonies

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The effect of Kambo

After Kambo is applied to the body, the effects are directly noticeable. While the effects are being noticed, it is of importance to stay calm, keep focussed and maintain control of breathing. The effects of Kambo are very impactful and could cause a swollen face.

This is one of the side-effects that Kambo produces during the cleansing process of the lymphatic system. Other side-effects include vomiting, diarrhea, sweat.

All these side-effects are part of the normal reaction of the body on Kambo to drift away toxins. Finally, as soon as Kambo is wiped off the body, its intensity decreases whereafter the body returns to its normal state.

Furthermore, after the session you will feel the final effects of Kambo. That is, you will feel mentally and physically stronger.

The origins of the Kambo used by us

Our Kambo won with a lot of respect from the Kambo frog by the Aboriginal tribe in Peru, called the Matsés.

Matsés lives mostly along the water where the Kambo frog also lives. They deal with a lot of respect for the spirits of plants and animals, which is also very important to obtain the extract.

Using Kambo

Kambo is also often used as a booster / boost the immune system.

In the Amazon it is also used for hunting to be sharp and focused. They call it therefore also'jagersmagie`.

The effect of Kambo is very powerful and intense and deeply cleanses the body. Indians also believe in the power of Kambo.

They see the Kambo as a means to eliminate the `panema` (another word for breakdown / accident), so that life takes a positive turn and everyday things are made easier.


At Iboga Farm can no ceremonies take place for:

Kambo session

After the preparation, we proceed to the ritual and undergo a cleansing Kambo session.

The ritual during the session Kambo

To take advantage of Kambo to its fullest extent, it is recommended to participate in 3 sessions.

Kambo Ceremony

A Kambo ceremony is given on different days, mostly on weekends.

Also there are regular retreats place, whereby weekends are organized in which take place a combination of several ceremonies, including the Kambo ceremony.

In addition, it is possible to extend some ceremonies with Kambo. Check with us for the possibilities.

A waxy gel named Kambo, which originates from the Kambo frog that lives in the amazone, with antibacterial and natural healing properties, has been used by native tribes for a longer time. Currently, Kambo wins popularity in the west as well, as increasingly more western people start using it.

The use of Kambo

Kambo is being used to fight various ailments and diseases (think for example of allergies, stomache discomforts, headaches, high blood pressure and diabetes).

Besides, it also filters blood, kills harmful parasites and cleanses the lever.

The session will take place in Terneuzen, Zeeland (the Netherlands). While enjoying drinking tea, water (2 liters) and Shamanic sounds and matching flavors, you will be fully prepared for the ritual.

It's for the session Kambo important to be sober and to get enough moisture to quench the inner fire, which Kambo causes, and to support the cleansing of the body.

A Kambo ceremony is per person

€ 65,-

The Kambo ceremony includes:


+31 6 14 93 25 83

Kambo natural detox for optimal immune system kambo-sessie-kambo-voor-immuumsysteem-kambo-booster Retreat weekend bij Iboga-farm

Retreat weekend

For more information about the ceremonies and why they are offered in a retreat please do not hesitate to contact us so we can give you a complete picture of who we are and what we do.

Our goal is to make you as a guest to be allowed to present an effective experience in one of our special ceremonies separately or combined in a retreat with great care and skill are just for the optimal experience of what Mother Nature has to offer us.

We also like to see why you back to one of our events held at our beautiful location.

With warm regards from the team Iboga-Farm. We guarantee beautiful ceremonies and much more.

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What can we as Iboga-Farm do for you?

Breaking Patterns

Smoking is a good example. Iboga can help you realize that the release of such addiction can easily be done by their own willpower.

Stress & depression

It is increasingly common that the pressure under which we as humans are sometimes become too much. Iboga can help you to deal with it

Boost & incentive

Using Kambo positive results can be achieved in addressing various issues such as; allergies, stomach symptoms, headache, hypertension, diabetes etc

Spiritual growth

Transform. Loosen up and come into a higher consciousness. Find inner peace. Nature, body and mind


It is not surprising that there is now much sought alternatives. The earth provides us with all the tools and ingredients. Iboga has a strong powerful force


Iboga restores the balance. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Iboga can assist perfectly with the above aspects

Personal development

A (mostly) loving way to know yourself with Iboga. It helps to give you insight into your life

Stop smoking

Every person is different. But Iboga worldwide provides good results when it comes to quitting smoking. Iboga-Farm offers you a 3 day treatment (often successful).

Addicted to marijuana?

Not only for the average smoker Iboga can help, for the blowers can Iboga be a good way to leave this addiction

Are you living in fear?

Iboga can help excellent for anxiety. It can help to overcome this and then you can live in harmony.

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