Our ceremonies:

Iboga-Farm was founded in 2015 and is new in the Netherlands. Iboga-Farm is located in Zeeland (the Netherlands), near the village of IJzendijke. Freely in the countryside, away from the busy city, Iboga Farm is ideally suited to do this by breaking many habbits of the hurried life.

In the present time in which we live, there is hardly any space to reflect on what is really important in life.

It is also becoming more common that the pressure under which we are as people, feels as too much. It is good to enjoy all that life has to offer, either do not forget your self-understanding.

Finding and maintaining inner peace is essential to "keep life in your hand." We arrange this goals with our ceremonies.

Iboga Ceremonies

The Tabernanthe Iboga is a powerful and healing plant found in the rainforests of Gabon and Congo where this plant for generations long used for its healing effect on body and mind. Iboga is a native plant that lets you get rid of your fears, depression or addiction.

But also for people with ADHD, chronic fatigue, stress, emotional trauma, mental blocks and finding inner peace Iboga has proven its healing effect. This African plant root is used for ceremonies. Extractions also be extracted from this root that we work with at Iboga Farm. Tabernanthe Iboga is very widely deployed.

Iboga Rootbark

Iboga root bark is used mainly in nicotine and alcohol addictions, find inner peace and a bright and higher consciousness, grounding body and mind and stress, depression, and to break destructive thoughts.

Iboga TA Extractie

Iboga TA Extraction (total Alkaloid) is mainly used in the heavier addictions among others, cocaine, amphetamines etc. This extraction is also for spiritual use. And for those with a weak stomach this TA extract is also highly recommended.

Pure Ibogaine

Iboga pure extraction is primarily used for opiate addictions. The reason is that there is little of it should be taken. Because it is pure, it is absorbed directly into the system and ensures an optimal effect.

Bufo Alvarius Ceremony

Once you after the ceremony, you are aware of the fact that your true 'I' your awareness is pure, you are reborn in the deepest sense of the word.

You are eternal, like the sun. You're here, in your pure consciousness.

Time, space, energy and matter have all been created in you. This re-identification as pure consciousness is the deepest and most fundamental rebirth.

A good preparation for the bufo alvarius ceremony is of great importance. Prepare your mind and body for the ritual of the ceremony.

A stable mind is better and gives a deeper experience, a properly nourished and rested body is essential.

Psilohuasca ceremony

The Cubensis [Magic Mushroom] combined with the seeds of the harmala [plant], together make the base of the psilohuasca. The harmala seeds act as MAO inhibitor. The psilohuasca will be given to you during the ceremony.

The (Mushroom) ceremony is in small groups under the guidance of professional experts. Therefore we guarantee a unique and personal experience.

Given that the 'set & setting' is very important, we offer you this in a safe and quiet area. In this environment, you are fully equipped and where you can relax fully so that you can enjoy an optimal experience of the drug.  

By discovering your consciousness you can see things as they are, without the ego can distort. You can see the true inner-workings of the mind and you will be amazed at the depth that lies hidden in your consciousness.

Kambo / phyllomedusa bicolor

A  waxy gel named Kambo, which originates from the Kambo frog that lives in the amazone, with antibacterial and natural healing properties, has been used by native tribes for a longer time. Currently, Kambo wins popularity in the west as well, as increasingly more western people start using it.

The use of Kambo

Kambo is being used to fight various ailments and diseases (think for example of allergies, stomache discomforts, headaches, high blood pressure and diabetes). Besides, it also filters blood, kills harmful parasites and cleanses the lever.

Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ayahuasca brings a gradual but ever increasing awareness mutation. Ayahuasca will take you to yourselve without barricades.

Depending on your personal intentions Ayahuasca will give you the insight that all this time for you was hidden. Profound solutions will come along with her wisdom that previously proved impossible.

A deep rest can be experienced. A cosmetic acceptance of the normally so chaotic complexity of the reality perceived by us will be seen and accepted as love.

Of Ayahuasca is still a lot to learn whether it's your first time or 10th time, you will learn something new every time again about you. Your place in the cosmos which will continue to develop personal growth, inner strength and love.

Retreat weekend

At Iboga-Farm, it is also possible to take part in a retreat weekend. A weekend retreat is a combination of various ceremonies, such as:

At a retreat weekend it is also possible to follow a single session.

Because the composite ceremonies that fit together in a retreat, we also offer in this  weekend's the mentioned separate ceremonies.


Ayahuasca ceremony

the Netherlands / Belgium

Ayahuasca ceremonies with respect for mother nature

Deep within your subconscious mind these complaints settle and after a while you can develop psychological or physical complaints. Complaints that reinforce each other. This vicious circle that you ended up in does not seem to break. But nothing is less true. With the help of an Ayahuasca ceremony you can feel fundamental changes in a short time. You "reset" yourself.

You also develop a different, better view of yourself and your situation through the Ayahuasca ceremony. This way you get better, stronger in life. By choosing to take responsibility for your own life, you take matters into your own hands again. This will give you joy in life again!


The warior retreat is based on a unique concept that falls under acceptance meditation.

What is acceptance meditation?

There are many forms of meditation. Most meditation forms are based on discovering inner peace by ignoring all the sensors so that you can move further and further away from the body.

With acceptance meditation we approach obtaining inner peace in a different way. In this form of meditation we start with the physical by increasing the sensory presence with a follow-up of the natural tools that are provided to us by the universe, a true gift of the creation itself, these tools are also called psychedelics. 'S.

In the warrior retreat, the participants will take the plant medications in a continuous weekend in order to align the ego to where it becomes clear that the ego is a concept and not their own. It is true that many people misidentify themselves. with the ego while the ego is an operation system that, by means of control, condenses the collective consciousness into the individual consciousness so that it becomes possible to experience the reality that is perceived as how we do it as beings.

The ego is thus an operation system that aims to navigate you as consciousness in the here and now. But like any system, the ego also has its limits and its shortcomings. In order to compensate for this, the ego uses different methods to keep the system in control over the entire layout of what we are as a human being. The ego uses, among other things, fear, doubt, anger, grief and emotional blockages to stay in control. In many cases, the ego is a useful and essential system that is indispensable in what we are. But because it tends to take the upper hand in any situation, it can also stand in the way of personal development because it operates on basic primary principles. It will therefore always act from fear to prevent dangerous situations or uncertain outcomes. The ego is developed from evolutionary survival drive and does not distinguish between emotional uncertainty or actual external security such as threats of danger. Which is why it prefers to be protected. The ego will therefore do everything to limit your life experiences to the most essential.

The structure of the retreat

The unique combination of the means (natural extracts) are composed in such a way that the ego loosens step by step so that the control of the ego is compromised. It will demand a constant state of acceptance that goes against the ego. Only by going against the control system will the control be handed over to the part in yourself that wants to experience through these hard lessons. You will experience that the ego has become reprogrammable. This will allow you to experience doubt or frustration in the future without fear. These methods force the ego to balance so that it will no longer dominate every situation, but it will behave for what it is, serve you and not the other way around.

The retreat is arranged in such a way that the course gradually works towards the liberation of the ego