Psilohuasca ceremony Psilohuasca ceremony

The Cubensis [Magic Mushroom] combined with the seeds of the harmala [plant], together make the base of the psilohuasca. The harmala seeds act as MAO inhibitor. The psilohuasca will be given to you during the ceremony.

The (Mushroom) ceremony is in small groups under the guidance of professional experts. Therefore we guarantee a unique and personal experience.

Given that the 'set & setting' is very important, we offer you this in a safe and quiet area. In this environment, you are fully equipped and where you can relax fully so that you can enjoy an optimal experience of the drug.  

Psilohuasca can help you with your consciousness

Psilohuasca (Mushroom ceremony) brings a subtle, but gradually stronger shift in your consciousness.

It tackles the ego regulated to control. This will observe a wider perception of what was previously hidden from us. What deep in our subconscious was hidden, now passes through our consciousness in a clear, uncensored form

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The Psilohuasca ceremonies start at 18h on Friday and Saturday afternoon until 12pm.

Look on the agenda for the availability.

Do you have any questions,

please contact us.

The Psilohuasca ceremony is given at our own location.

With Psilohuasca ceremony you have a complete Magic Mushroom experience.

The price of a Psilohuasca ceremony is € 150, -

The Psilohuasca ceremony includes:


Psilohuasca ceremony

By discovering your consciousness you can see things as they are, without the ego can distort. You can see the true inner-workings of the mind and you will be amazed at the depth that lies hidden in your consciousness.

It is a glimpse in your psychical layout. You are unique and complex. With these new insights you rediscover the real you and therefore your full potential.

What do we want during the ceremony?

It is important that you are completely at ease and relax as the (Magic Mushroom) ceremony is starting. We are specialized in bringing you into such a state that you are prepared.

You get 5 grams of dried mushrooms (cubensis - Mushrooms) in combination with a MAO offered inhabiliter (Harmela seeds).

The trip will be served in a serene and nice environment in which the entire experience comes to you. While enjoying meditative sounds, the experience of you floating away is big.

We, the team of Iboga-Farm, will always be near you in case you need a conversion. We will not disturb you in your personal process so you can get the most out of your experience.

Because we have extensive experience in the field of psychidelica, we feel exactly what you need. At what stage you are in.

We know and understand in what state you are, so should any questions or suggestions arise during your trip, we'll help you if there is a need to.

There is also a separate room for those who want to leave the quiet room. There may be philosophized in a pleasant atmosphere or just to dream away at the music.

The psilohuasca ceremony is completely adapted to your experience during the ceremony. The next day when you are fully satisfied, you go back home. So you can look back on a unique experience here with us at the Iboga-Farm where we guarantee nice personal ceremonies.

Because when you're satisfied, then our job is done. We hope to see you back on one of our other ceremonies that we organize with great love and care.

Psilohuaca to deepen your awareness


In Psilohuasca ceremony we add an MAOi. The reason for this is that with the addition of a MAO inhibitor you should not have to eat large amounts of magic mushrooms.

You will experience the true power of the full spectrum of the wisdom of the magic mushrooms.

The Harmine / Harm Aline (the MAOi composition) helps to the experience and it gives you the strength and inner peace to continue with this intense experience.


We would like to give you information about the history of the use of the magic mushroom. For it is in fact not a temporary phenomenon or hype. Magic mushrooms are very old. Our ancestors used the mushrooms for spiritual reasons. For thousands of years, magic mushrooms were used for spiritual experiences.

The ban on magic mushrooms has come through the church. The oldest religious sect appears to have been established to the mushroom, which is reflected on the wall painting on the right side of the caves of the Tassili Plateau in northern Algeria dated around 5000 years v. Chr.


Because we have learned much about the mushrooms over the years. Especially in combination with the Harmine seeds. This is also our base for this Psilohuasca (Magic Mushroom) administer ceremony.

We can share our knowledge with other people and you provide the function that nature, the source of all life, has. We help you to make a better place to live in this world, as it was intended.

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