So at around 10 in the morning it was time for Kambo.They do it in the usual seremonial way, with purifying and cleansing of the room and the people, clearing way for the spirit to do its work. You decide for yourself how many dots you want. I went for 7 and so did my german co-traveller who up to this day never had heard of Kambo before. The German went first, received the Kambo with ease and grace and had a very bizarre reaction to it. Bizarre to me, but i learned that this reaction is quite common for people who is accepting Kambo 100% and just let go: he purged in a matter of seconds after the poison was put on the dots and then went directly to sleep and slept for 2 hours!!

Not so easy for me! After the blood-pressure went up and my vision went all blurry the all to familiar neusia came on real strong and i soon felt worse than i ever did before. I wanted so much to purge and be done with it, but nothing came. Was I resisting purging? Maybe, but i swear i wanted to as well, so bad. I felt worse and worse and after 10 minutes i felt the urge to go to the toilet. They had to help me out there and after one stop on the way i was finally installed onnthe toilet. There followed 10-15 more dreadful minutes before it finally wore off. I came back into the seremony room, the poison was removed and some dragonblood was put on. I laid down under some blankets, but froze like hell for a long time probably due to low blood-pressure.

The rest of the day we just chilled, read (Tolle's "A New Earth"), meditated, went for a walk and slept a little. I felt gradually better as the day past and after the dutch guy arrived in the evening it was finally time to do the thing we all had come to do.

We took showers and changed into seremonial clothes and Sander and Mike gave us some information on what we could expect. Then we where given a micro-dose and went for a 20 minute walk to check for allergic or abnormal reactions. We where all fine and ready to go.

Back in the house we received the first dose in a seremonial way that was graceful and beautiful. Before that though, we shared our intentions and its really up to yourself how detailed you want to be here. I find it better to be open as i think it helps me not to have hidden anything for the facilitators and fellow travellers. In a way my heart feels more honest and true this way. But this is of cource your own choice.

Then we waited. To pass the time we passed a book and a talking stick around. The book had some 500 spiritual and personal developement questions in it, and each of us opened it randomly and then answer the question we found most difficult. It could be questions like "what do you choose, freedom or safety?", "when do you feel powerless?", "wich of your traits do you value most?" - stuff like that. And each question usually led to a discussion, entertaining and the time passed. It was time for a new dose - double this time. Not much really happened with the first dose, i felt a slight vibration.

20 minutes into the second dose, i started feeling dizzy and asked to be taken to the my bed upstairs. Its good to get up those steep stairs before my ability to walk gets to affected to much (ataxia) and i am happy to finally be in bed, bucket on the floor, ready for whatever comes.The visions start coming and getting more and more intense and before I knew it Mike or Sander is there by my bed with another double-dose.Iswallowitdownand continue my journey.

This firstphaseof the journey is called the deathphase.It lasts for a good 8 hours where you are unable to walk and coordinate your physical body very well. There is also purging going on. Regarding purging, i had only one purge, maybe two hours into it and then some mild neusia later on. As indicated before, i didnt find it physically (or mentally) hard at all to do it. The dutch guy on the other hand, struggled a lot, the whole nigjt trough (he didnt take Kambo, might be a connection). The german actually fell asleep on several occationts trughout the night - something that shouldnt be possible...but he was snoring like hell, so no doubt he slept.

The rest of the deathphase was all about images and visions, they kept coming the whole night, hundreds, some seemingly with no connection to my life, but with relevant teachings, some with very recognizable settings, some I still need time to figure out, some with clear beginnings and ends and with clear meanings.

I made the mistake of trying to work actively on my intentions in thisphase, but it wasn’t really possible. I wasted a lot of time and visions this way, I am afraid and I can’t believe I was that stupid cause i knew that during thisphase I should just sit back and allow the visions to come. Anyway, I made it through the death-phase.Duringthenighti needed one visit to the toilet.To get assistance, you just stamp your feet on the floor and the boys would appear in seconds.

InthemorningMike and Sander brought some fruit and made us take a few steps on the floor (assisted).Then it was time for the nextphase - the in-between.Here you can ask questions, work on your intentions and get answers you are looking for.

The in-between stage is incredible. Here, its possible to interact, ask questions, meet earlier versions of yourself, meet dead loved ones and more. Basically, these 4-6 hours should be spent working with your intentions. In the Bwiti ritual this is the phase where you meet your ancestors.

When we shared intentions at the beginning of the seremony i spoke of my desire to meet especially my mother and mothers father but also my father and the rest of my dead grandparents (not to mention Jesus and Buddha). Mike then said that many came with such intentions and many returned dissapointed. And indeed, i saw nothing of Jesus or Buddha or most of my passed loved ones, but i did speak to my mother and grandfather, but it was not like they came to visit me from another dimension, rather that i could interact with a version of them i had stored both consciously and unconsciously. But it was still way up there on the coolness scale and enormously helpfull to get closure on some personal stuff.

Another thing i experienced in this phase was the ability to meet myself as a kid. This was amazing and gave me a liberating feeling beyond belief. It felt like i could step into myself as a child and feel and see what he felt and saw, feeling 100% how he was in his essense, but at the same time with an objective distance - difficult to explain exactly. For me who has struggled a bit with low self esteem and bad self image, stepping into this lovely, caring, curagous, kind boy was truley purifying and gave me closure to a lot of stuff.Even though i experienced this in the in-between phase,i didnt process it before the last phase, the re-birth phase.

So i worked on my intentions in this phase and several revelations appeared. Much of it still not clear, so i wont touch it here.

One thing i want to share though, but i am not exactly sure if it went on in death- or in-between phase. Much is blurry from the three days, the medicine was strong. Anyway, at one point I knew what was going on in the room even if i had my eyes closed. I saw Mike and Sander when they entered the room and approached my bed. When i opened my eyes, they stood exactly were i knew they would stand. This exited me a great deal and i spent a lot of time just looking around the room and then open my eyes to check. At one point i even ammused my self with holding up my hands in front of my closed eyes and looking trough the hands. It was amazing. Later Sander and Mike told me that some even reported ability to look trough walls with their third eye!

Another thing up the same alley; i was able to gaze down at my self as i lay in the bed, it only lasted a short while though.

What else? I got answers, i got explanations and i got visions, one of wich i thought i would share with you today, but there is to little time and i am too tired. Thats a thing, my energy level have gone up and down since Iboga, but thats quite normal. So vision is shared tomorrow, but i hope it will be worth the wait.

After the in-between we went downstairs, ate something and talked and shared a bit. It was difficult to walk, so we all went out to practice and to ground. It was made a point of staying awake until the evening so we would have a good re-birth phase and sleep trough the night.

The re-birth phase is really about having a good nights sleep and integrate the two previous phases.

I was a bit worried about it since the german guy snored like a mad-man. And there was no rythm to his snoring either, so i found myself knotting up in fearful anticipation of the next thunder-sound. I couldnt take it anymore so i went to his bed and asked him to change position. Next thing i knew he was leaving the room altogether and we soon heard a distant snore from another room.

It was not my intention to kick him out, just adjust his position. That said, the room was now suddenly filled with a tremendous quiet peaceful feeling that wasnt there before.

The night came and i slept deeply. Woke up a couple of times, but fell asleep again. I dreamt but couldnt remember them.

When i finally woke up and was ready to get out of bed i had this feeling of peace and quiet in my head and body that was incredebly pleasent. I cant remember ever feeling like this. It was 100% calm-ness, no chatter from the mind, no demands from the body. It was just here and now! Amazing feeling.

To a certain degree i can still reach this state, not perfect, but the stillness is still there and it feels great.

I feel different nowant it has been two months since the experience.I am more in my own energy and dont get so affected by the energy if others. This is great for me as other people could sometimes exhaust me.

I have touched upon it before, but i also feel more love for myself.

I have a better understanding an feeling of whats important in life.

I am less afraid of death (i did not feel this as a big thing for me before though) and more in love with life.

All in all a fantastic experience for me.

What ifound a bitwas to avoid any substance for 2 months. No problem with drugs or alcohol, but green tea (Caffeine) and snus (nicotine)wasa struggle, especially snus. But the first 2-3 weekswerethe worst andnow I am really glad. Its important to stay with the diet for a full two months as the medicine is still working for this whole period.

I am thinking of returning next year for another great experience. Thanks Sander and Mike for being such generous souls. A lot of love and respect to you both!




Bufo Alvarius

Hi Sander and MikeThanks, thanks, thanks, 🙏🙏🙏,

It was a intense, beautiful, wonderful experience that is still running through my body and brain at the moment. Energy level is sky high, I spend about the whole day yesterday satori, looking through the illusion we call reality. I feel literally torn loose from my character. Am confused and amazed in a positive way. I sat in my car for about five minutes, thinking how that works again 😂 Everything is "new" and renewed. Once again a deep bow for you, how you do it and who you are.





Ibogafarm is absolutely a great place to experience any type of psychedelics, whether it is ayahuasca, psilohuasca, bufo or kambo. The ceremonies are held in small groups which I personally prefer over bigger ones. Mike and Sander offer really adequate and warm guidance. They have loads of experience, are wise and very grounded. The surroudings of the Ibogafarm are very beautiful, calm and soothing. Also the atmosphere in the farm is very warm and peaceful, you feel right at home after you crossed the doorstep. This is mostly due to the accepting and loving energy of the ibogafarm guys.

Even the food is made with love ; ). In other words, I highly recommend this place!'





After a journey of 3 hours, we arrive on Friday afternoon the Iboga-Farm in Ijzendijke, where we are warmly welcomed by Sander and Mike.

I immediately got the feeling of being in a warm bath, these gentlemen radiate an incredible fine energy, grounded, respectful and a good dose of humor.

Our group was a diverse group (this time only men) and in no time there was a good click. The fact that we all did Iboga and we have a lot to do with the same problems, quickly gave us a relationship of trust. Nobody has to play nice weather, we know why we were there. That honesty alone is a liberation!

After Sander and Mike had explained something to us, it was time to take the iboga. I do not want to talk too much about the ceremony, etc. because you have to experience it yourself and it is also personal.

The iboga trip.

Iboga do not take you for fun, let me put that first (my opinion): it is a powerful cleaner!

About the trip itself I find it difficult to explain what exactly is happening, I would not really know where to start, what I can say is that it was hard and hard work. And the night takes a long time ...

Mike and Sander told me about the 3 stages: Death, the Forefathers and the Rebirth, and I can largely agree with that. Throughout the night the men were ready to help everyone where necessary and that gave a super safe feeling.

Finally at about 6 o'clock in the morning my body and mind began to come to rest. I experienced an intense feeling of deep calm, a calm that I had never known before.

Saturday: all day needed to take care of everything and rest, again there was very good care of us, through conversations, if you needed it, fruit, food and lots of tea.

After we woke up well rested on Sunday, there was a nice discussion and we walked a nice piece.

I write this now 8 days later .. and as Mike and Sander explained to me, Iboga's effect really starts now.

And that's right! I feel better every day, feel free.

But also want to say Iboga is not a wonder pill !! but it gives you the chance to leave the worn out paths (addiction, bad habitual habits) and discover new paths.

Am really happy that I have been allowed to do this, and it probably saved my life.







Pardon but here I want to share my experiences especially with my Polish colleagues.

In Dutch I do a bit shorter: I certainly had one of the best of my experiences in my life during ayahuasca ceremony. I can certainly, with full heart, recommend such ceremonies for all people who are looking for questions about themselves and the spiritual life-existence and much more. Iboga Farm is certainly a place where you can find this what is necessary for your soul to develop further.

Moi drodzy rodacy.

Było to dla mnie drugie uczestnictwo w ceremonii Ayahuaska jak i trzecie Kambo. Poprzednie ceremonie odbywaly się u innych ludzi i jeżeli mam porownac to na pewno o wiele lepiej jest przyjechać do Mika Luca i Sandera. Dlatego ze samo ich podejście jest inne czyli indywidualne na potrzeby każdej osoby. W razie konkretnych obaw lub pytan do nich, sluza pomocą i da się od nich od razu odczuc ze robia to nie tylko dla pieniędzy (w poprzednich dali mocno odczuc zachowaniem ze liczy się kasa) ale głównie żeby pomoc danej osobie i są po to aby w razie potrzeby adekwatnie do sytuacji zareagować.

Ceremonia Kambo odbywala się na zewnątrz ze względu na ladna pogode i każdy następny raz poszedlym bym tylko w taki sposób, dlaczego? Dlatego chociaż by ze lepiej w naturze wszystko przebiegalo tzn: mniej skutkow ubocznych i lagodniejsze, mam na myśli np. wymioty J

Ceremonia Ayahuaski moglbym tu wiele pisać ale powiem w skrocie: przezylem jedne z najwspanialszych momentow mojego zycia - kumulacje pozytywnych uczuc, emocji i milosci. Wizje i duchowe spotkania o jakich zwykly smiertelnik może tylko pomarzyć. Wiem jedno ze nasza dusza jest jedna wielka energia i nieskończenie roznorodna z niezwykłymi silami tylko je musimy starac się odgadywać i odnajdywać. Na pewno jedna z ważniejszych zasad przed obydwiema ceremoniami jest odpowiednie przygotowanie i czysta intencja.

Aby osiagnac kumulacje tych wrazen podczas ceremonii ayahuaski na pewno doradzam aby kambo i ayahuaske przejść w ten sam dzień a taka możliwość daje wlasnie IBOGA-FARM.

Z całego serca wszystkim polecam.



Bufo Alvarius


Hey, Esmeralda, Mike and Sander,

It is now a week later since I have been able to experience my first Bufo ceremony and my head still does not know what happened to him :-) If people ask me what it was like I can only answer; White.

The experience is so Profound and I think I'm still in the afterglow. I've never been so empty and my observations are mostly without judgment. I think, do and move at an unprecedented slow pace and strongly suspect that this is my original pace, because it feels so good. I now understand even better what Octavio writes in The Toad of Dawn and also the content of the Cosmic Serpent.

Mother earth speaks to us through her plants and that one Path to share her wisdom with us. Deep inside I understand that now.

Where set and setting are important, you have made 3 an important difference for me. I have been in other places for Iboga and Ayahuasca but your energy, dedication, service and casual sincere personal attention have been of absolute added value. I really felt supported and without it I would have gone into the experience very differently and came out again.

Now I only have gratitude for you and of course the path, Bufo Alvarius.





It wasn’t what I expected, and it is better to not expect anything much before the ceremony. Mostly, it gave me tranquility. A very unexpected result of Iboga was that after the ceremony my mind is absolutely quiet. Before that, there would be a constant stream of thoughts, a rarely useful or positive internal dialogue happening in my mind at all times. After Iboga it was quiet. I could actually concentrate on what was happening around me. It felt freeing. It’s been less than a month since then, and the positive effects are definitelly here.

Paul & Karin


We are just back from a wonderful weekend retreat. Mike, Sander and Luk love what they do, are able to connect with everybody right away and make you feel at ease, like among old friends, just minutes after meeting them. They also have a profound knowledge and wisdom that is shared in a very honest, unpretentious way and with humour and a permanent loving attitude. If you want to engage in deep, meaningful personal development and push the boundaries of your consciousness, look no further. Thanks guys!





Iboga and Bufo gave me The Cure. After I attended the beautiful ceremonies at Iboga Farm NL my life began to re-organize in a wonderfully new way. It took a few weeks and more and more changes became noticable. Long story short: I now live the really good life I always dreamed of. Now I am really rich and sometimes I even have some money in my pockets!

But how does money compare to happiness? Money is printed freedom to do what you want. But a happy heart is a priceless gift from God ;)

I have the best day of me life now every day.

I give thanks to Buddha ;) and enjoy to be of service to other people just as much as I enjoy other people's service to me.

Thank you Mike and Sander for your wonderful service. I hope many more people come to Iboga Farm NL for True emotional healing. The world needs people like you.

Your service costs some money. But your service really is priceless when you consider the true help that becomes available to those who suffer in deep emotional loneliness and pain.

Only those who have experienced it know the true value of Entheogen Transformation.

Dear Mike and Sander, you helped me with your service to let go of deep old emotional programs. I am now a Citizen of the Planet because you helped me with your service at Iboga Farm NL to leave my old false self behind.



Bufo Alvarius


I came to the Iboga Farm to take Bufo Alvarius. It was easy to book the ceremony and the facilitators organized a perfect B&B nearby. Communication begore was very good as well. They even picked me up from there and brought me back.

The ceremony was great I saw that Mike and Sanders really cared for a great set and setting. The bufo came from toads from Mexico. I think that is the best way to get it, because they stay free and alife.

The ceremony itself was even compared to other psychedelics on of the most intense moments of my life. My solar plexus chakra opend.

I really have to thank Mike, Sander and Bufo for this amazing experience.





I cannot thank Mike and Sander enough for their amazing ceremony for Kambo and Iboga. They had so much knowledge and insight, both spiritual and philosophically about the Shamanic source and power of plants. I had arrived at Iboga Farm having had the worst day of my life the day before and I left with a sense of calm and confidence that I had the power to get through the addiction and issues that I have. They held a beautiful environment and were so supportive and caring throughout the whole weekend. I felt inspired in their company and the farm felt like such a safe pod, almost a plant pod itself instead of a building. It has been 3 weeks since the ceremony and I have made many positive changes in my life and in the past 6 months they have been the most focused, creative and connected! I can’t describe in words my experience, but I am very grateful to Mike and Sander and the plants. I have such a new found love and respect for the universe and have become reconnected in a way that I have never experienced.





"In the weekend of Friday 8 to 10 December 2017 I was allowed to participate in an Iboga ceremony. It was intense, intense, indescribable and beautiful at the same time. I did not want to miss this experience and can recommend it to everyone. Think it is important that you let Iboga do its work in confidence.

In my opinion, the experience can be compared to a roller coaster where you do not know exactly how the job progresses beforehand. The roller coaster sometimes goes slowly, then quickly, suddenly upwards, then down again, a sharp turn to the left and then to the right again. You can also take the job to a looping, a corkscrew or even more exciting. It is important that you realize that you have no influence on how the job progresses. So when the track leads you to the right you can hang to the left, but that will not change the course.

My thanks go to Mike and Sander. Their ultimate hospitable attitude, expertise, patience, understanding, helpfulness and humor have made the weekend great. I look forward to a next ceremony at Iboga Farm! "




Last weekend an iboga ceremony (TA extraction) done at Iboga Farm. I have experienced the support of Sander and Mike as very pleasant, knowledgeable involved. It was my first experience with iboga and I thought it was a very special experience that I think I had a lot in mind. Now a few days later I am comfortable in my skin, I am calmer in my head and feel more balanced than before the weekend. Chances are I will do an iboga or other ceremony with them more often in the near future!





Having made 3 previous nice Ayahuasca tours I was attracted this time by the site of by Sander Jansen and Mike Lucas because I'm looking for the laundry for people who also gave ceremonies ceremonies because I find it hard to find that body might become very toxic.

Reed more >

Alan     23-9-2017



This trip report serves three purposes: (1) to record my experiences to not forget them, although forgetting will be impossible considering what happened; (2) to find out whether others have seen what I saw or whether others have seen comparable apparitions/entities under similar circumstances; and (3) to describe the procedures we used so future iboga psychonauts can recreate this experience using the hypothetico-deductive method, i.e. scientific method, approach. What you will read in my post flood dose account is not something I saw with my eyes closed or while wearing an eye mask. My eyes were open. Each time I awoke from a brief sleep I was not having an out-of-body experience; I was awake, I moved my duvet, and drank from my plastic water bottle. The visions may have been entirely in my own mind—even with open eyes, however, another person who partook in the same iboga ceremony, called Jack, saw what I saw.

Reed more >



My experiences are amazing in one word.

Super nice welcome men, you feel very comfortable with you.

Love is what you feel there.

Really recommended !!!

Barrie and Tipsy     




I underwent the Iboga experience with the two lads (Mike and Sander) supervising and the experience was brilliant.

From the very first time you walk in the door of the farm house you are made to feel safe.

The two guys give you a minuscule amount of Iboga to test for allergies and it is only after this test that they will give you a dose sufficient enough to cause a trip so you will not have a negative reaction

Throughout the trip they monitor you and are close at hand if you are having any difficulties - like nausea which is frequent during this type of trip

I just want to say thank you so much to Mike and Sander. My mind has been quite for the first time in years and I have had a peace of mind that I cant remember

You are stars guys - keep up the amazing job


Barrie and Tipsy



Bufo Alvarius


I went there with trust in Iboga and still believe in. The night was not what I expected and should not be.

Iboga is not a party drug, but as I went home I felt a growin smile of gratitude I did it, I laughed randomly because the weekend was a great experience as a whole, like if I was on bufo.

I felt I will praise ibogafarm a lot but I see it is here. I strongly agree with the previous posts, the quality is still the same. I definitely could do it again.

I expected I will be with ancestors or God itself, what I did not know that I will meet the Holy Family, they are the Father, the San and Mother Nathalie. Great Thanks



Bufo Alvarius


i would like to share my gratitude for the safe space created and the guidance that allowed me to connect to a deep experience.

I'm on a Saturday morning for my Bufo Alvarius. On arrival, I am so warmly welcomed with all the positive energy. Wow, what's that amazing with the environment? Well, all in all I can only say; What an experience in a beautiful setting with just beautiful people around you. And my special thanks also for their Mexican friend who was there that weekend and did the ceremony.

My earned 5 stars will surely be yours. And I say next time.

The warm greetings and hugs.


Le Breton    


Bufo Alvarius


i would like to share my gratitude for the safe space created and the guidance that allowed me to connect to a deep experience.

The upmost experience occurred with the Bufo which gave me a strong realization beyond words and i could feel all your support and love through and after this deep experience at the edge of being and non being. My intention was fulfilled. Thanks Sanders, Mike and Nathalie for the kindness and attentions which touched my heart. Dafientlty a great experience! i recommend this place. With love brothers and sister.



Bufo Alvarius


What an incredible experience! With some tension I went there. After the nice introduction I went to the Bufo Alvarius ceremony.

I was welcomed with an incredibly bright, not blinding, beautiful light with a song. I saw a very bright, ice-blue diamond in the middle. The divine can not be named, so it can not be either. I was part of this LIGHT. No top or bottom around me, I was a piece of it myself. Unnecessary ballast discarded. A sense of complete peace and love. So beautiful. A complete acceptance and surrender to this beautiful LIGHT. The feeling of happiness in the highest possible form. Even sadness is OK.

I was somewhere else but heard and felt the people around me who supported me and supported me.

A wonderful experience that nobody can handle anymore.

Then: rest, relax, trust, happy.

At night, I could not sleep because my head was far too bright and flowed like a tornado in my body. After about 2 hours sleep rose but not tired

Eric W.     


Have just been in heaven, no words have been coined to describe this ..... what a gift I gave myself. Closer you will not get.

It does not matter what I say it is not even close to what it is .....

What you should expect it you think in advance, it's euphoric, it's a high, his beautiful colorful visuals.It is nothing of all this, it is something not know us human brain, so it is not to describe or film.

teaching at the beginning vd ceremony you a breathing technique, in, out, in, out and the glass pipe is heated by the poison of the bufo-alvarius and pressed against your lips, sucking quietly until you no longer can. A split second you feel the burn in your body, from that moment ....... light, bright white light in the most pure form, slowly you become one with this light. There is no sight, no smell and no taste, no sound, just nothing just your own soul, it is happiness in the most pure form. It is the origin. It is a visit to the other side ....

When I look back at the video and listen to me how there was nothing else can I say then it went out of my body.

When you inhale the poison you fall over and go down, a restless twisting and then you lie silent, ashen gray face, eyes half open without one sign of life if you look at the deceased.

Shortly thereafter never get the face color and luster, eyes shine as before, a laugh betrayal precious happiness you know at that time. Slowly you come back.

You open your eyes and look at your hands, your legs, your body, now you realize that your body is nothing but a temporary transport means. Now you know who you are ....

Here are a few hours of vague feelings, no thoughts, no feelings, just confused you've just been through.

Now tired, happy, proud and full of feeling, much as you want to shout it from the rooftops, do this !!!

Pure happiness, love and soft is all there is ....



Physically it was so much easier than i read everywhere that it would be, in sum it was worse taking Kambo earlier in the day!That Kambo, session almost destroyed me, but like they say, the worse the better with. Anyway, it was quite painless and i could do it again next weekend if i felt like it (but i dont).

For those of you who are tempted to visit Iboga-farm, I wholeheartly recommand it!The two guys, Mike and Sander, are very down to earth, true & real, welcoming & easy-going and they see it as their mission to share and help others to receive the medicine - mucho respect to them. They are also very funny and easy to be with, know what they are doing and hold the space trough the whole seremony in a safe and loving manner❤

This weekend there was only two other guys there with me, both in for a psycho-spiritual journey, like myself. They dont mix addict-motivated people with those seeking psycho-spiritual experiences anymore. Another thing, there are more woman than men coming there and Mike and Sander also find woman tougher than men - i am sure they are right!

The facilities are quite siple, but the most important rooms, the seremony room and the bedrooms, are really ok.The kitchen is also fine and you are free to eat and drink pretty much what you may find there. They make a point of letting you know that you should feel at home - and you do❤

The outsides is quite boring, flat, muddy farm-land. But possible to take walks at least and a blessfully quiet location

The Kambo seremony is not obligatory, but they recommand it as it will make room for Iboga to work more smoothly and consentrated on the psycho-spiritual level.Many places, especially 8-10 days retreats for heavy addicts, will often have two full-flood iboga seremonies (thats 2x3 days) exactly for this reason; the first flood is for cleansing the body, the second for dealing with the mind. So i personally would recommand taking Kambo first.





Almost 3 months after my iboga i can say that i feel truly reborn or re -set, my cravings are gone and has not been replaced by others, there is no hole to fill anymore, i am at peace with myself, content just being, there is no restlessness anymore, closing my eyes i still feel the stillness of iboga. My energy levels are back to normal after being low for over a year due to abuse, they are also more balanced. I can now for the first time since i was a child really enjoy life. I have moved to a vegan international community that is involved in reforestation in india, living in nature, sleeping in bamboo huts with no walls. I can focus on myself, what i want in life and what is important and what is not. Reading has become a passion!

Mike and Sander takes good care of you and will make your journey as comfortable as possible!





Experience what a special experience, I was looking to break negative patterns, addictions and consciousness growth. Iboga gave it all to me, fears have disappeared, peace'm even in the most stressful situations and completely from my true self now living in the drop. Are you so grateful; gave you care and bet me a chance to do so



Experience: A nice weekend to experience with beautiful people.

A very nice, loving and attentive supervision.

Nice to see how much they do their best, both for the present, as for putting down their mission.

It pleased me to see that young people remain true to themselves and their task to heart.

Physically it was pretty intense, but doable.

Unfortunately I can not travel; because the medication to take thwarted this process.

A happy and grateful feeling, I went home.

Goodbye Sander and Mike.


GM H  

2016-wk 35



Although the Iboga experience was very intense (especially physically it was very intense), I felt for everything that happened in very good hands with Sander and Mike, who were tireless in their care for us. Also responded before the ceremony took place was quickly and adequately to all our questions, plus we always got the message that we could call anytime if we were still with something.

Overall, a very pleasant accompaniment of our Iboga adventure! And now the physical discomfort are almost forgotten, I'm very glad I did this. Am very clear in my head, as if there really is something reset in my brain, and I may also get wonderful insights ....






Experience: An intense weekend had with Mike and Sander.

First Kambo ritual done, making me a profound experience of peace and AN-His gave. Although physically it snappy, I recovered quickly after a few hours and felt an intense stillness in me and around me.

Sorting Iboga root bark ritual. Beautiful initiated by two men in a pleasant and safe setting. During ingested several hours a few times Iboga, then located in a dark room for the Spirit to do its work. All night I watched with open eyes to a kind of film and photo fragments. I felt very clear and alert, no need for sleep.

Halfway through I realized that it looked like defragmenting my hard drive. Seemingly no connection between the images.

Later in the night anyway physically demanding, especially with vomiting and uncoordinated, making sitting and walking was tricky. Fortunately, the two men were always happy and helpful!

Looking back on this weekend, I'm still having a profound silence in my system, no background ;.

Physically, there are also things changed, my prostate feels smaller and i pee therefore easier and more powerful.

A few weeks before this weekend I had a sore and inflamed shoulder. A few days after the ritual was the pain away, and I'm very happy.

Kambo has a lot of garbage and Iboga is still working on, I can see and feel.

I'm Mike Sander and grateful that I in them and with them have experienced. They are well tuned, professional and simply concerned and caring.

The future will show whether there have been even more changes for now I am very satisfied. Thanks!




It has now been a month after my iboga and Kambo experience. It was not what I expected. Sander and Mike were the perfect helpers through this very rough ride. Now I feel more in contact with my true being and led in the right direction. Life has taken a different direction and I am very grateful for the guidance. Thank you. K






3 weeks ago I started a new adventure. By Mike Sander and I ended up in the spiritual of kambo and iboga. In the beginning I was anxious about it but in the end I surrendered to my past, which coincided with drink and drugs. After several conversations, I am nevertheless embarked on a new adventure. Another normal / fresh life without the necessary amplifiers. Previously, I was very down making my usage came after a high point. Here I am now stopped by the iboga. The iboga has opened my eyes to what sometimes seems quite difficult, but there will also be stronger. I still have to go a long way, but Mike sander and I want to thank you immensely for your care and aftercare. I feel my own back on top and without you I was still the old Michael. .......... THANKS.






So iboga .... what an experience. When first I want to thank Mike and sander for this experience and the good care that is carried to us. Iboga has opened my eyes again and learn better to listen to me .I myself knows better what I do and do not like and I'm there to trade .I again stopped smoking after iboga .... but that was a side issue at how my life mn weather has gotten brighter ... I am now less sensitive for manipulation and is better mn sheet ..... I am undergoing some sort of defragmentation. Overall a fantastic experience that I can advise anyone who has a lot to do with stress ...... thanks mike and sander ..

Marino Wiemes     





My experience with iboga iboga farm Very nice and quiet location and a lovely atmosphere, well looked after. No haste, but all in a relaxed flow. I did not know what to expect but the boys put you well assured, good explanations and get well into account your health and eating habits. Everything is there what you need. Food, drinks, shower facilities, sleeping place etc. Beautiful ceremony prior. First you get a test dose to determine whether one is allergic to the substance. Something that does not do much else. Once it does get started the session while upstairs is a comfortable bed, with a spiritual music in the background. Once it worked well I experienced a kind of thin strip-like dream state where there visions emerge. I personally have past lives and ancestors seen and felt. Meanwhile become very good watching you and you will be looked after well, nothing will go hungry during the iboga trip. If one needs the toilet some time for assistance because walking is a bit difficult. During the trip will be different for each other because they are all personal issues that are processed. Meanwhile, make the session you that much transverse emotions and habits disappear from your system, and you will clearly see that you get reprogrammed. Once back from the iboga trip will ensured good food so that they can come to power. And right away you notice that patterns are broken and your benefit straight away. The first two days of the session was for me a while emotional and I could pretty little things around me, but it never lasted long. It was every time an excess of a second, or 5 and was immediately positive again. After two days was the smile did not get more of my face and all craving for drugs and alcohol after the session was already completely disappeared. You can also get along capsules for treatment at home, which I do also personally recommend. I'm much more used to and have been taken several times other spiritual medicine but iboga is reset really mind and body the best there is. I have no desire or let alone make sense to use anything. I'm doing things in my life where I only just thought of but never performed. I can from the bottom of my heart and soul to say that iboga my life to the rescued, for it to do its job for weeks afterward. Not only do I find it good but my surroundings notes that there is a big difference arose between me before and after. I see the world beautiful again and do not push me to do the things which I have made this pressure. I recognize that these issues are not at all relevant in life and therefore there is room for beautiful things. positivity vibrates through my whole of my existence. Iboga is unprecedented leach the most beautiful thing happened to me and I can only recommend it. And it gives you money like this, I smoked between 300 and € 500 per month on weed so count the profits. Conclusion ... Iboga saved me.

Dave scheelings       





Did the weekend idoga done to stop smoking and cannabis am now two weeks away and have the urge to smoke and feel still very good about thanks to Mike and Sander have been well on my thunder'm glad I I done it I would recommend to anyone to consult wall've all found peace in my head and according to my family, I changed into good hahahaha and Mike and Sander you can ask anything and are 100% ready when we do not so tasty go therefore my great thanks to their






We had heard of Iboga and our curiosity was aroused ... Richard (my husband) and I went in first to know who they are and how it is there. After only five minutes we were getting ... what a nice stel..wat they complement one another fantastic aan..we had the feeling that we were at long friends. We decided to do the first Kambo and the week after the 3-day ceremony with Iboga. What I would like to tell, I do not close themselves because everything I hoped it was even surpassed! I try to keep it short ... Mike Sander and adapt the ceremony to the man of today the ceremony was beautiful, cute and funny ... just right to feel not unworldly ... It felt like friends together who this contracted together, Mike and Sander both have a clear role and make you feel safe. You will not want for anything and you feel free to ask anything at any time or do. After taking the test dose I felt what stand the strain "what will happen" this they looked very good and I was reassured. The main dose was my turn and we were escorted to our room, it starts gradually and at first I was this it? The images flashed before my eyes ... conversations with mezelf..voor a time still very controllable, but they continue to come up with a new dose and at one point I'm in the storm of processing and flashes and images throughout .... films are shown in me and through my eyes ... do not get it properly interpreted because it is really something to maken..mijn bring your own experience is quite different from that of Richard indicating that everyone is different in everything. A film role came at the height over (the last I guess because time realize what road) just like you tube I got menuutjes with such play-mark on it ... I had it in my head got afspelen..ik include to see how I really am and what made it my life. What I had to change and how it should feel to be in life and genieten..wat more you usually know of course but I got it as a film zien..ik stood and had to watch it quietly without interference from feelings and my ego (??) I have also seen the most fanciful things portrayed something I tried to make something clear I was not all unravel them but when I tell you it was the day after I realized that I have a very special experience which had not be with everybody. We have quite a "fight" to sounds and so the body felt it at that moment (to be honest) but to be awakened after return home for the first time in our own bed is really everything in place ... everything is different! What a rest in my head .... all the stimuli I can give a place ... erect a wall to not ALL suck on what's happening around me ... I take other people's emotions no longer in myself ... I was very sensitive to .. and is extremely difficult. I can choose what I let or so .. I immediately started to clear everything in our house, clean maken..alles what this was sometimes too complex for me because my head was so full. I think and speak as I can from my old Iboga volgekliederde crowded diary exchange for a lovely lovely new blank diary ... Iboga gives me a loving boost ... and in this book I am now even really neat write. So it feels exactly .... From the first day after ... (we are speaking here about ourselves before and after the iboga ... seriously) I am in a blissful shock. I speak partly on behalf of Richard but it is true that I am a ridiculous fine peak. (Difference in embracing them and the experiences of the Iboga night I think?) The fact is that Richard never fruit ate, and since then we mainly eat fruit and drink we all kind of tea on the terrace, at home anywhere ... it feels a bit weird where we always sat on the alcohol is suddenly a tea and sometimes a soda friends also need some getting used to but it feels super. We are miles away from our old life ... since I've been the entire exercise every day, eat healthy ... we look more for organic products ..... I just drink 'sochtends 1 cup of coffee (coffee service) it does not feel good if I take more of it ... we have become better communicate together ... better ... 'sochtends could it often war and hurry, we have a wonderful boy of six who looks a lot like my character ;-) .. it could quite collide again ... but since I myself am much calmer and also huge radiate arrested over our guy ... we have at least twice the giggles had before showering sochtends. There is only one downside ..... I've been twice for a solid gym stood morning .... yes .... because almost no one there to enjoy half nine two hours of the day ... super equipped and cheerful .... and that is so every day since iboga .... tad annoying ;-D We want to both still do kambo. And I want to follow a Iboga ceremony at least 1 time per year ... it's wolf but it kadowat you get it is so very worth it ... +1 Thanks Mike Sander and we'll see you again soon!






After 15 years of various heavy addictions and mental ailments, it was time to put this behind me. Through my brother, I came into contact with these heroes. While mail traffic was already clear how they would work, it felt all right well. When we arrived at the farm was like a wonderful energy, the conversations were previously too delicious a real family feel. It is good to see that these heroes do this from the heart, as it should be. Beautiful Ceremony had, excellent guidance through the nights and days to go. After the weekend, I'm as good as new, total no more problems regarding the intentions that I brought. Super experience. After that we went back for a kambo session here guidance was super good






I  have a very good experience with iboga over from the iboga farm. The accompaniment was superb. They not only stood was going something ready for me when, but it felt too familiar enough to talk openly about all my problems and intentions. This certainly iboga process done me good. Although I have taken less than the standard amount of iboga because my body reacts terribly sensitive to foreign substances, I have been able to work on all my intentions. It is now more than a month later, and I still notice that I've had it. I can recommend the iboga ceremonies to everyone, not only for addiction, but also for the breaking patterns of thought and mental symptoms. Its implementation has helped me to deal with anxiety and depression-related symptoms, which I fought for years. I also sleep better. The iboga is not a panacea to solve all your problems for you, but it does help to itself to address the problems, which you formerly known what to do