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Iboga ceremonies

Iboga ceremonies

we have 3 kinds of

Iboga ceremonies

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Reflection period between the ceremonies

At first glance it looks like a very busy program but you will find that there is enough time for reflection between the ceremonies. It is therefore important that you use this meantime, process promoting. Firstly, it is important that you come to your peace and that opportunity is there too. That enables you to intrigue the experience. In addition, it is important if you have questions to ask. Make sure you do not walk around with issues. You can contact us at any time with your questions. Given that it often involves group processes, you are not the only one who lived through the experiences. If you stabilize good mutual contact you can have a lot to do during your stay.

During this retreat we are all the same as brothers and sisters. You will notice that it really feels like that during such a weekend. You are never alone and there is always opportunity for feedback.

Retreat weekend bij Iboga-farm

The warior retreat is based on a unique concept that falls under acceptance meditation.

What is acceptance meditation?

There are many forms of meditation. Most meditation forms are based on discovering inner peace by ignoring all the sensors so that you can move further and further away from the body.

With acceptance meditation we approach obtaining inner peace in a different way. In this form of meditation we start with the physical by increasing the sensory presence with a follow-up of the natural tools that are provided to us by the universe, a true gift of the creation itself, these tools are also called psychedelics. 'S.

In the warrior retreat, the participants will take the plant medications in a continuous weekend in order to align the ego to where it becomes clear that the ego is a concept and not their own. It is true that many people misidentify themselves. with the ego while the ego is an operation system that, by means of control, condenses the collective consciousness into the individual consciousness so that it becomes possible to experience the reality that is perceived as how we do it as beings.

The ego is thus an operation system that aims to navigate you as consciousness in the here and now. But like any system, the ego also has its limits and its shortcomings. In order to compensate for this, the ego uses different methods to keep the system in control over the entire layout of what we are as a human being. The ego uses, among other things, fear, doubt, anger, grief and emotional blockages to stay in control. In many cases, the ego is a useful and essential system that is indispensable in what we are. But because it tends to take the upper hand in any situation, it can also stand in the way of personal development because it operates on basic primary principles. It will therefore always act from fear to prevent dangerous situations or uncertain outcomes. The ego is developed from evolutionary survival drive and does not distinguish between emotional uncertainty or actual external security such as threats of danger. Which is why it prefers to be protected. The ego will therefore do everything to limit your life experiences to the most essential.

The structure of the retreat

The unique combination of the means (natural extracts) are composed in such a way that the ego loosens step by step so that the control of the ego is compromised. It will demand a constant state of acceptance that goes against the ego. Only by going against the control system will the control be handed over to the part in yourself that wants to experience through these hard lessons. You will experience that the ego has become reprogrammable. This will allow you to experience doubt or frustration in the future without fear. These methods force the ego to balance so that it will no longer dominate every situation, but it will behave for what it is, serve you and not the other way around.

The retreat is arranged in such a way that the course gradually works towards the liberation of the ego

How does the warrior retreat work?


 In the morning around 10 o'clock we will start with the rapé, this to open the ceremony and neutralize the energies. The rapé also ensures that we enter the ceremony without external stress.


Afterwards, the Sananga will be received. These powerful medicinal eye drops from, among other things, the Huni Kuin tribe, show strong alignment in the energetic system and also require focus and acceptance, which is an essential part of letting go of the control system.


After the Rapé and Sananga we have reached the point where we are energetically disconnected from all the stress of the day. This stress has been neutralized so that no unnecessary residual stress can be found in the energetic system.

Now we are well prepared to enter the Kambo ceremony. So that we can now undergo the physical reset.

What is kambo?

Kambo comes from the Kambo frog also called the wax monkey frog. He owes his name to the capacity to fully wax with a wax-like substance that he produces through glands that are located just behind his ears.

In a very unique way he distributes the wax all over his body so as to be completely protected against external influences.

This wax is also used in the ceremony. The properties of the wax are so diverse that people have long ago discovered the values ​​in what it can mean for us as humans.

How do we proceed at the Kambo ceremony?

Before we start, the participant gets a good explanation of what to expect. After everything is clear for everyone, we will start drinking at least 2 liters of water. This in order to have sufficient fluid in the stomach so that any vomiting is facilitated. The water also serves as a medium for collecting the loosened toxins in the stomach. Extinguishing the inner fire.

After each participant has drunk enough, we switch to the burning of the dots on which the Kambo comes to lie. This is necessary in view of the fact that Kambo can only be properly absorbed because the lymph system, this is exposed by burning away the epidermis.

Burning sounds drastic, but in reality it does not really mean much. It is experienced as a small prick since we apply the burn marks with an incense stick.

After applying the burnt dots, we proceed to applying the Kambo itself. The kambo is applied in the form of small droplets / dots of wax.

A beginner usually gets 7 dots, someone who is more experienced with Kambo can, if desired, build this up with an extra dot.

When the dots are applied, the effect of Kambo quickly enters. For example, it works faster than morphine. The first effects will be observed after about 15 seconds. The head becomes heavy and the heartbeat will increase slightly in the beginning. That lymph in the body will be activated, causing swelling in the lymph. This feels very natural because the lymph system is triggered and ensures that your body comes into action. The lymph system takes care of cleaning your body. The participants will then quickly notice that the body will function as normal again. Kambo is really a very powerful D-tox for body and soul. the reset is both physical and energetic and after the ceremony you will feel a substantial difference in how you feel yourself.

The experience itself will take about 15 to 20 minutes before the effect decreases again. You will of course have plenty of time to fully come to yourself so that you can experience the Kambo in the most positive way.

Warrior retreat

Warrior retreat

The Warrior Retreat weekends start on Friday at 10 am and are until noon on Sunday afternoon.

Check the agenda for availability

The Warrior Retreat weekends are given at our own location.

Separate sessions are also possible during this weekend.

The Warrior retreat is structured in such a way that you progress through the processes step-by-step through these processes to promote personal development. That is the purpose for which we give it this way. Years of experience have shown that all individual participants come closer to their intentions after the Warrior retreat, and a feeling of liberation and fulfillment is also experienced.

Of course it is also possible to choose a specific ceremony or ceremonies. We can watch together at all times what most closely matches your personal intentions so that we can tailor the most efficient approach to your needs.

In view of the offer we understand better than anyone that it can give some people some confusion about the forms of how it is given and what it is all good for.

If this is the case, it is wise to contact us so that we can see if we can provide clarification so that you can make a choice from the right information.

Warrior Retreat is with the following ceremonies


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Payment termsFor booking and information please contact with info@iboga-farm.nl  You will receive a prompt reply from us2 days Warrior retreat  Friday Rapé / Sananga Kambo Bufo Alvarius ayahuasca Sanitair Food  Saterday Changa Psilohuasca Sanitair Food   RETREAT TOTAAL20 65 180 150** 12,50 12,50150 150** 12,50 12,50   765** ayahuasca and psilohuasca are € 150 in the retreat. These ceremonies can also be booked separately and / or in combination with another ceremony. The price of the ayahuasca and psilohuasca is then 175 euros

Good to know!

There is enough time between each ceremony to properly process your previous experience. We will only start the next step if you as a participant are completely ready to take the next step. There is absolutely no hurry and you will never be pushed if you are not ready yet. You determine the timeline.

It is good to know that the steps are structured so that the previous experiences are a promotion for the next steps in the retreat. So that you step through all the facets that are necessary to optimally promote personal development.

It is very common and logical that you experience tension for a ceremony. But know that everyone has a primary fear of the unknown. And that that fear relates more to the unknown than to the experience itself, because only through personal experience will you really know what it does to you. So remember this.

It gives what you personally can handle.

It gives you what you need

Not what you think you need

And it certainly does not give you what you want what you need.

In short, trust the product, know that it is good for you. And after your intention talk open with acceptance and surrender

4. Bufo alvarius ceremony

Bufo Alvarius is one of the most powerful and deep healing tools that Mother Nature has to offer. The unimaginable depth it brings about creates clear realizations that appear far behind the ego. Also energetically locates Bufo Alvarius deep traumas and blockades so that after recognizing these blockades they will break away and disappear from the system. After the experience with Bufo Alvarius, a sense of liberation and realization will be experienced. Issues that previously turned out to be serious have now become irrelevant, given that they were concepts that the ego assumed as true and limited you in your freedom and insight.

The bufo alvarius

The Alvarius is a subspecies in the bufo family. The bufo have about 135 species of which the alvarius is the only one to convert the bufotenine into 5meo dmt. Why the alvarius possesses this property is a complete mystery to scientists given that the bufotenine is toxic in contrast to the 5meo dmt who is not.

In short, Bufo Alvarius is a real gift from Mother Nature, a tangible proof that nature takes into account the possibilities of allowing people to increase their consciousness.

How do we work with Bufo Alvarius?

It is important, as with any ceremony, that you enter into it with good intent. But as soon as we switch to taking the Bufo to us, you must be open to the experience, without inhibitions.

This contradiction seems to contradict itself, but it is essential to go well. It is because every ceremony has a unique ceremonial approach to the experience. Beforehand we will hold an intimate talk in preparation for the ceremony so that after giving your personal intentions (reason why you want to do the bufo) you can let go of it. This is very nice in the ceremony and from there we work step by step towards the experience.

Every step is done with the utmost respect and care to promote the most positive outcome of your personal development.

5. Ayahuasca ceremony

When the afternoon has come to an end and the evening makes its appearance, we prepare for the Ayahuasca night ceremony. This will start on Friday evening around 20:00.

You will notice that after the previous steps you are completely ready for the Ayahuasca ceremony.

The ongoing steps have ensured that you have been completely disconnected both energetically and physically and are therefore completely receptive to Mother Ayahuasca.

The combination of the steps enable you to enter your Ayahuasca experience in a nice and gradual way without having to do too much effort. As soon after you have taken the Ayahuasca to you, the journey will announce itself and from there Mammy ayahuasca will get to work with you. You will experience that Ayahuasca will gradually release the pressure and tension that you felt before. The journey will take about 4 to 6 hours depending on intake. Of course it is possible to drink when needed in your process. Once again you determine your journey, we accompany you.

If you have come from the trip you get the opportunity to eat and drink so that you can go to sleep afterwards to be fresh and fruity ready for the Saturday program the next day.

6. Changa

We start the Saturday ceremony with Changa. Changa is a smokable herb mix of which the active ingredient is DMT. The composition is a unique approach to the use of DMT given that the herbs contain MaO Inhibitor. This ensures that the experience is experienced more intensely and longer than if you only smoke the DMT. It also makes it a lot easier to take it because it is milder in this way when inhaling. The effects last approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

The experience gives you a perspective-expanding experience where insights and conclusions can be observed.

The effects of the visions that you experience go beyond words and solid form. The layout of reality and typical design pass by in a fantastic spectacle. When the intensity drops you climb back in a nice after flo where love, acceptance and recognition come together in your consciousness.

7. Psylohuasca evening ceremony

Finally, the Psylohuasca ceremony is planned. This will start on Saturday evening around 20:00.

What is psylohuasca?

Psylohuasca are the mushrooms (cubenses) combined with a Mao inhibitor that comes from the seed of the Syrian wine window. This combination ensures that the Pysilisobine (active ingredient) within the mushroom is fully absorbed, which makes the experience even better. The Mao blocker also ensures that the journey is experienced very differently if you only use the mushroom. It gives more dimension and spirit to the experience. For people who have experience with the mushroom, this often makes for a pleasant surprise.

The Psylohuasca ceremony?

The ceremony with the intention of the psylohuasca will also be introduced with an intention round. After everyone has uttered his intention (goal), we switch to taking the MaO blocker. This is dissolved in water so that it can easily be eaten. After the drink is taken it will take about 20 to 30 minutes before the blocker has done its work.

After this period we will switch to consuming the mushrooms themselves. When these have been eaten while enjoying a lemon tea, we calmly go to the ceremony room where we will enter the journey, of course, while enjoying beautiful connectable music. You will be transported comfortably on the music looking for the insights and realizations that will reveal themselves to you.

It is truly one of the most beautiful experiences you may experience. During your journey you will go through many facets of the ego through which you will gain a new perspective on your own layout. You will experience that the ego is an operation system that is adjustable through the realization of the true self. Only after that recognition will you be able to work well with the ego because from then on there is no mis-identification anymore.


The experience lasts about 4 to 6 hours, leaving plenty of time to go to bed after the ceremony so that we can return home safely after a breakfast, group evaluation and a walk on Sunday.

Bufo Alvarius Ayahuasca Psilohuasca Kambo

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